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From day to day Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology finds application in daily life. Access Control Systems, travel tickets, electronic documents and contacless smart tags replacing conventional strip code - it is a list of RFID application that provides a new high quality organization of business processes. Our experience in design and production of contactless identification hardware gives our Customers the opportunity to acquire the hardware of high quality and reliability for key applications in industry.

RFID technology

General principle of operation of any RFID system is rather simple. System shall always include two basic components: Reader and Identifier (card, tag, badge.) Reader generates electromagnetic waves into environment. Identifier receives the signal from Reader and forms a response received by Readers antenna and processed with its Electronic Control Unit. More

RFID applications

Why does RFID technology conquers new and wide markets intruding into various types of activities requiring fast and reliable identification of subjects? It has a number of advantages, such as: RFID tags do not require contact or direct visibility; RFID tags are read fast and accurately (approaching 100 % identification); RFID is applicable in hostile environment and RFID tags can be read through dirt, paint, steam, water, plastic and timber; passive RFID tags have actually unlimited service life; RFID tags are highly informative and may be intellectual; RFID tags are actually unforgeable; RFID tags are readable and writable to keep multiple data. More

RFID readers

For applications related to identification of goods, luggage, correspondence and other products Readers of various parameters adapted for specific tasks are being prepared for production. The third quarter of 2005 will supposedly see commencement of production of 13.56 MHz range Readers... More

RFID identifiers

Currently we can offer tags for two frequency ranges: 13.56 MHz and 900 MHz. All tags are based on chips produced by Philips that is the world leader in the area of components for Radio Frequency Identification. Our Company is the official distributor of tags manufactured by Asia Smart Tag Co., Ltd (AsTag). More


Philips Semiconductors is the world leader in the area of components for radio frequency identification technologies. More