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RFID Tag Readers

For applications related to identification of goods, luggage, correspondence and other products Readers of various parameters adapted for specific tasks are produced. This category includes as follows:

  • Desktop Readers
  • Embedded OEM Readers
  • Readers of medium and long range with remote antenna
  • Handheld Readers with a keypad and LCD

Readers support two basic standards: ISO 15693 and EPC.

Note: two latest modifications are being prepared for production.



Desktop reader for direct connection to PC. Equiped with buzzer and two-color LED More



OEM reader for short (up to 120 mm) reading range for embedded applications More


Handheld Reader with independent power supply. It is used as a portable device and has wireless communication with PC. The set includes USB-connector for connection to PC. More


Readers of medium and long range for warehouses, shops, etc. It consists of two blocks: electronics and frame antenna. Several modifications of frame antenna provides for the best system adjustment to specific performance conditions More