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Currently we can offer tags for two frequency ranges: 13.56 MHz and 900 MHz. All tags are based on chips produced by Philips that is the world leader in the area of components for Radio Frequency Identification. Our Company is the official distributor of tags manufactured by Asia Smart Tag Co., Ltd (AsTag). 
ISO 15693 and EPC
Tags of this Standard are designed for identification of non-metal subjects at maximum reading range up to 120 cm. Standard tag has the dimensions of a plastic card, however it has a paper base with adhesive layer. Tags are supplied in spools: 500 pcs in a spool. Basic specifications:

  • Crystal Philips I-Code SLI / I-Code EPC / I-Code UID
  • Unique serial number
  • EEPROM 128 / 0 / 24 Bytes

For special applications the tags of this Standard fabricated in a form of a plastic disk 20 - 30 mm in diameter may be of certain interest. The smaller size will result in approximately twice reading range reduction. Tags are supplied in packs: 150 pcs in a pack. Nonstandard (such as 40 x 40 mm, 60 x 100 mm, etc.) tags can be fabricated on request. In case of nonstandard tags minimum 100 000 pcs shall be ordered. Nonstandard tags and those on special request may have one-color or multicolor printing as per Users design. For printing the order shall be for 5000 tags minimum.
ISO 18000
Tags of this group are mainly designed for logistic and transport applications, where identification range up to several meters is required. Besides, in case of special design the tags of a certain frequency range (900 MHz) work good at metal surfaces that make them good for identification of containers, vehicles and railcars. 
Tags for Glass and Paperboard

These are mainly designed tag paperboard boxes and similar tare. They may also be used for vehicles identification when they are stuck to the wind screen car.
Tags for Metal

These are fabricated in a plastic case. Tag will be fixed on the surface with the help of grippets (in the figure they are covered with plugs), or labeled on the surface with the help of adhesive layer on the back side.
Installation on a metal surface does not reduce tag performance and in some cases even improves it. 
Intelligent Seal
Operable tag permits quick inventory of sealed containers. If seal is upset, the tag does not work, though no mechanical damage is visible. Passive RFID technology provides for solution that is considerably cheaper than application of reusable active seals.
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Mifare - is the registered trade mark of Philips Semiconductors